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AI-Powered Advantage

Scalable Boarding Analytics for Airlines

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Customized Solutions

Our products adapt effortlessly to your needs.

Anonymization and Data Privacy

We work with anonymized data in compliance with data protection regulations.

All-in-One and Real Time

Everything from a single source, at your disposal in just a few steps.


Documented processes and verifiable results.

Innovative Solutions

More Safety in Air Travel

Our AI-powered boarding optimization solutions effectively reduce operating costs and enhance safety in the aviation industry.

Safety for You and Your Customers

Privacy and Safety

Our data protection process goes far beyond the requirements of the GDPR to ensure the security of your data in every respect - for 100% data protection at all levels.


Computer Vision accounts for better accuracy and consistency than a human being. As an industry expert VION AI has high-performing proprietary models – industry first, that are additionally tailored to the specificities of your aircraft.


People and luggage counting happens at the aircraft door in real-time and the software reports results instantly to allow for a quick conclusion of the boarding process.


The software is hardware-agnostic. The software runs without an edge device or network connectivity. Installation is non-invasive and enbeddable into your existing infrastructure.


The solution meets the requirements of the GDPR, with minimal data processing without profiling. The hardware is removable and only requires minimal certifications from regulatory authorities.

Our Analyses, Your Advantage

Discover Potentials

Our analyses open up new opportunities for the aviation industry by revealing undiscovered potential.

Our story

Gain an advantage with the help of the latest technologies.