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Innovation Made In Germany

Scalable Boarding Analytics

Our goal is to improve safety and processes in flight operations through data-driven solutions. We are passionate about revolutionizing the aviation industry and setting the standard for efficiency and safety. Our software provides real-time information about boarding, enabling stakeholders to make better decisions.

What Sets Us Apart

Out of our love of flying, we have set ourselves the goal of improving established processes. VION AI, based in Berlin, relies on an honest, pragmatic and solution-oriented approach to achieve this goal.

We rely on the diversity of our employees. For us, an honest and non-discriminatory approach is the only way to enable unprejudiced cooperation and thus goal-oriented work.

Secure Technology

Computer vision is being implemented in an aircraft for the first time thanks to the technologies controlled by VION AI. Compliance and the protection of our customer groups are our top priorities. We guarantee this by going above and beyond, implementing security layers that exceed the requirements of the highest data protection regulations: GDPR, LGPD, PSL, CCPA, VCDPA.

Strong Partners

In this endeavor, strong partnerships from a technical point of view are central, as is cooperation with renowned partners, which is at the heart of our technological work. More to follow shortly.

The protection of people’s privacy is at the heart of our work. We use above-board processes to ensure that our models and data are created without the inclusion of personal data.

Our solution works locally and independently of server operation to ensure use under adverse network conditions. This eliminates the risk of data leaks during transmission from the outset.

We design our computer vision solution individually and tailor-made. This ensures that the solution exactly matches the customer’s requirements, with the same precision that we expect from our code and model adaptations. No compromise!

We offer more than just a solution – we identify unrecognized problems. We use performance analyses to compare different processes in order to identify trends at an early stage. This enables us to make processes smoother and more efficient than ever before.

Career Opportunities

Developer (ML-experienced)
Hybrid (Berlin)
Full Stack Developer (iOS)
Remote / Hybrid (Berlin)
Senior Sales Manager
Hybrid (Berlin)

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